Bespoke Care Consultancy prides itself for being a solution to many businesses which have been started from scratch to now 6 figure portfolios. We have grown from strength to strength and developed skills in CQC compliance, auditing Health and Social Care businesses; dealing with recruitment issues, helping to improve CQC ratings, mock CQC inspections and much more!

  • Need help to register with CQC? We have helped many businesses to gain registration. 

  • Do you have a contract (s) for your Care or Healthcare business? We have also helped many businesses to secure contracts by writing their tenders. You may be our next client. Contact us asap.

  • Are you ready for your CQC inspection? CQC Compliance is a fundamental aspect. We have been there in the maze and now in a position  to help many other businesses with their compliance from a position of confidence and solid experience.  Email us today and we can help your business.


  • CQC preparations and alignment to meet KLOE – Caring; Safe; Effective; Responsive and Well Led
  • HR and Recruitment
  • Business plans and cash flow
  • Quality care delivery
  • Management of service provision
  • Supervisions
  • Evidencing good practice
  • Auditing key aspects of the care business
  • Report (s) writing
  • Training
  • Tender writing
  • General Management Consultancy Services i.e. Generating bespoke and generic solutions to your business requirements

We believe outstanding care is a combination of several factors, not just meeting the CQC requirements. People with the right mindset, achieving compliance, supportive suppliers, proper facilities, money and leadership, are the key factors in delivering excellent care. Bespoke Care Consultants work with you to identify the real underlying problem with your care home business rather than just solving the issue you are bringing to us. We can advise you from the board level to the front-line issues in running a care home business.

Bespoke Care consultancy service also supports care home suppliers to develop and supply items or services, which adds value to any care home business. We advise and guide you on how to navigate the care market if you intend to launch a new product or services.

What is a CQC Mock Inspection?

Before a CQC visit, if you do not measure your care business in the same way as CQC does, how will you know what rating you are going to get on your next CQC inspection? CQC mock inspection is a process where you get experts in CQC compliance to independently audit your care business to identify any potential areas of concern or breach of CQC regulations before the real inspection.

All care business should follow the CQC regulations to operate in England. You get drowned in day-to-day activities when you are in the business, and it is easy to get carried away. Any breach of CQC regulations may result in your care business being closed down.